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A Junior, Majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology and minoring in Business Administration with focuses in Alternative/Renewable Energy and Project Management, Chris Gregory is active in many student organizations and activities. He is continuing on as a Captain of the Formula Hybrid SAE team and filling the positions of IEEE Seminar Coordinator, Engineering Technology Student Organization (ETSO) Events Coordinator, is founding the start of a new Student Organization centered around the premises of Makers, Hackers, and Robotics, and will represent interests of these COE organizations as a representative on the Engineering Student Faculty Board (ESFB).

As a non-traditional student and Navy Veteran, whom has also served on the executive board of a PTO as well as founded and directed a non-profit environmental advocacy program, he is accustomed to the considerations and diplomatic nature of finance and operations. He hopes to utilize these understandings to instigate change to benefit both the student body and the University’s image as a whole. With many ambitious goals, he intendeds to focus his efforts to leverage his time that will bring about the most positive change during his time as a Student Senator in the areas of University Budget and Operations, Student Career Services with focuses on Student to Industry Networking Opportunities and Business Development, University Image to include local and international settings through philanthropic and student activity endeavors. In order for such an atmosphere to exist at Wayne State, compromises must be made in order for the system to continue operating and prosper.


Mechanical Engineering Technology; Minor: Business Administration

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