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Alissa Shelton

Tarek Bazzi

Senator at Large


Tarek Bazzi is undergoing his junior year as a double major in Political Science and Economics. Involved in various projects around campus, he has gained the experience to expedite these initiatives and create new ones of his own. Tarek is keen about increasing commuter involvement and pursuing green initiatives around campus. Over the next year, Tarek will be working with students all around to implement the vision created by the Strategic Planning model. Tarek is fully committed towards providing students the representation they deserve to better the school's overall sense of pride.


Political Science & Economics

Committee Assignment

Course Scheduling Committee; Academic Senate Facilities, Support Services and Technology Committee; Election Reform Committee; Budget/Tuition/Financial Aid Committee


Tarek's goals include:

  • Increase Wayne State's presence in governmental affairs
  • Galvanize go green initiatives
  • Replacement of obsolete infrastructure

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