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Nourhan Hamadi

Senator at Large


Nourhan Hamadi is a sophomore undergraduate student studying Public Health and Biology with a Pre-Med focus. She is active on campus through her participation and leadership in organizations like the Lebanese Student Association and ROSE. During the 2016-2017 senate term, Nourhan hopes to advocate for the creation of a Women's Resource Center, the implementation of feminine product dispensing machines in restrooms, and the creation of a Middle Eastern/North African racial category on all Wayne State University documents. She is dedicated to research in fetal brain development, women's access to quality prenatal care, and diversity/bias within the healthcare workforce.

Nourhan would like to continue her efforts in reducing tuition rates and increasing diversity, inclusion, and graduation rates on campus. She would also continue working on improving women’s resources at Wayne State as an effort to make sure every student has an amazing, safe school experience.

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