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Bhavna Guduguntla

Senator at Large


Bhavna Guduguntla is currently a sophomore in the Honors College. She is a part of the MedStart program at Wayne State, and is majoring in Public Health with minors in Nutrition and Biological Sciences. She also serves on the Executive Board in GlobeMed, a student-run non-profit organization partnered with a healthcare organization in Uganda that is geared toward raising awareness of global health issues and resolving disparities in health equities. With a passion for research and discovery, Bhavna also works in a lab at the Wayne State School of Medicine.

In the future, Bhavna aspires to reduce the difference between upperclassmen and lowerclassmen tuition rates and increase inclusion on campus, especially to incoming freshman, as an effort to decrease Wayne State’s drop out rate. She looks forward to seeing how the much the senate is able to achieve this year!


Public Health

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