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Project Goals

For the 2016-2017 term, each Student Senate member has been assigned a project goal group where they will meet weekly and discuss that paticular goal and how to complete it. Email studentsenate@wayne.edu if you are interested in getting involved in a project goal group

Main Goals

- Blackboard Requirements - Initiative to mandate faculty to update their Blackboard pages and input grades in a timely manner

- CAPS Services - Initiative to expand the CAPS services that our university offers

- Meal Plan Requirements - Looking into the meal plans that WSU offers and trying to find cheaper alternatives for students

- Womens Services - Working toward developing a Womens Resource Center

- Shuttle Routes - Increasing the amount of shuttle bus stops

- Street Lights - Getting the University to fix broken streetlights 

- Textbook Market Place - Organizing a textbook trading fair for students 

- Green Projects - Working on initiatives that make our campus a 'greener' place

Other Goals

- Mad Anthony Name Change 

- Flags in the Student Center

- Voter Registration

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