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The Academic Senate is the Faculty equivalent of the Student Senate. Representation on the Academic Senate is important for faculty and student communication. The Academic Senate is a main advisory body regarding academic policy, and it is necessary that students have a voice on these issues.

Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget Committee monitors the process by which allocations are made to budgetary units and reports to the Academic Senate periodically on any significant changes in such allocations and on the criteria for such changes. It keeps itself informed as to the financial operations of the university.

Appointed Contact Representative:

Chris Gregory

Email: fl0546@wayne.edu

Curriculum and Instruction Committee

This committee concerns itself with academic policies, programs, and practices which affect the University as a whole. These concerns may extend to the internal affairs of colleges, schools, divisions, and other units of the University if they significantly affect the interests of other units or of the University as a whole.

Appointed Contact Representative:

Erika Ruch

Email: fp1183@wayne.edu

Facilities, Support Services and Technology Committee

This committee concerns itself with the physical facilities, support services and technology essential to the maintenance of quality academic programs. It includes policies and budgetary consideration in its domain. It participates in the development of the Capital Outlay Budget Request which the University submits to the state government each year.

Appointed Contact Representative:
Ryan Laith

Email: ryanlaith@gmail.com

Faculty Affairs Committee

This committee deals with matters affecting the welfare of the faculty, principles governing relationships between administration and faculty, faculty rights, and faculty participation in governance. It maintains primary liaison with the appropriate executive officer designated by the President.

Appointed Contact Representative:
Abdulrahman Suleiman

Email: fp1380@wayne.edu

Research Committee

The Research Committee is concerned with the character of research operations at the University. The committee serves as the major committee responsible for the review of center/institute proposals. The committee is also concerned with a variety of issues and problems that affect the faculty's ability to support and carry out their research programs.

Appointed Contact Representative:
Nourhan Hamadi
Email: ft9367@wayne.edu

Student Affairs Committee

This committee deals with all matters concerning the relationship of students to the University except those which, because of their strictly academic nature, are within the province of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee. It serves as a liaison body between the Academic Senate and the Student Senate. It deals with policies concerning student activities, policies affecting student organizations, student-faculty relations, student responsibilities, support services for students, and all other matters concerning student welfare.

Appointed Contact Representative:

Giselle Gaitan

Email: fv8964@wayne.edu

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