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The Board of Governors is the decision making body of the University. Eight Governors are elected in state wide elections to serve and eight year term on the Board. The University President also takes part in the Board of Governors meetings. Five Board of Governors committees meet on the Wednesday preceding the monthly Friday Board of Governors meetings. Not all the committees meet every month. Some usually meet only when an issue arises. Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board of Governors. The committees make recommendations to the Board on matters of concern. The Board, in turn, votes upon the committees' recommendations. These committees are of the utmost importance because they provide direct student input at the point where most decisions are made.

Academic Affairs Committee

Meets prior to most Board of Governors meetings. Issues dealt with include: classes offered, degree programs, and possibly tuition increase.

Appointed Contact Representative:

Abdul Suleiman

Email: fp1380@wayne.edu

Budget and Finance Committee

Makes recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding the University budget. It also deals with tuition issues and University expenditures. The committee has the responsibility of recommending policy to the Board concerning the award of any contracts, leases, or any other financial obligations contemplated by the University. The 1982-1983 Budget and Finance Committee averted a major tuition increase and retained activity awards for students.

Appointed Contact Representative:

 Zachary Rich

Email: zachary.rich@wayne.edu

Alternate Contact Representative:

Abdul Suleiman

Email: fp1380@wayne.edu

Personnel Committee

This committee has the responsibility of reviewing and making recommendations to the Board regarding general policies which affect University employees. This committee usually meets only once per year (in February).

Appointed Contact Representative:

John Dembinski 

Email: john.dembinski@wayne.edu

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Board regarding student affairs. Issues during the past years have included the possible elimination of handicapped buses and endorsement of the Solomon Amendment. An accomplishment for 1982-1983 was establishing a new funding policy for student organizations.

Appointed Contact Representative:

Chris Gregory

Email: el0546@wayne.edu


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