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Public Relations 

The primary objective of the Public Relations Committee is to promote Wayne State Student Senate.  This committee will work to build a stronger relationship between Student Senate and the student body.  In hopes to educate more people about how Student Senate works and what it does.  By doing this, it is our hope to attract more students to be involved in student government.  The PRC also wants students to understand how to bring issues that they may have to Student Senate.  Students have the opportunity to address their concerns by attending committee meetings and/or Student Senate meetings, by visiting with a representative during his/her office hours, or by submitting their concern in the suggestion box located on the Student Senate website. 

Contact Representative:
Kelley Donnelly
Email: fh1080@wayne.edu

Community Affairs Committee

This committee has a mission to address the concerns of the student body including both those originating inside and outside Wayne State University.

Contact Chair:
Keiara Bell
Email: fc4744@wayne.edu

Governmental Affairs Committee 

This committee is concerned with university, city, state, and federal politics. This includes proposing legislation to Student Senate, advocating student positions to politicians and the University and working to bring political figures to campus.

Contact Chair:
David Pitawanakwat 
Email: fy5738@wayne.edu 

Parliamentary/Judicial Committee

This committee reviews Student Senate bylaws and charters and submits changes for approval by Student Senate. Any changes made to the charter must also be approved by the Provost and the Board of Governors.

Contact Chair:
Aaron Szpytman
Email fh5098@wayne.edu

Student Services Committee

This committee works with the University and Student Senate to improve services on campus. This includes business, academic, safety and administrative services.

Contact Chair:
Kate Partington
Email:  fn4217@wayne.edu 

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