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Date Posted: February 26, 2010
Please share your ideas of what improvements you would like to see around campus?
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Anonymous | Posted: October 13, 2010 | Reply

unfair actions taken by the University against students that have proven disabilities; in grading & policies

Frank A. | Posted: November 21, 2010 | Reply

More campus activities and enriching student life.

Rosalie K. | Posted: February 1, 2011 | Reply

PARKING and THE FINANCIAL AID DEPARTMENT. GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER. Who wants to protest with me? This is ridiculous. What are they going to do next? Charge us 25 cents to cross the street? Set up toll boths on Cass, Warren, and Anthony Wayne and charge every student crossing? I wouldn't be surprised if they did. And if I see another Parking Structure that says "FULL" before its entrance when I can clearly see parking spots available,and I have a class starting in 15 minutes, I'm parking on the grass. And I used to have problems with depositing money onto my OneCard. I know what its like to have a parking structure reject you. I don't let that happen anymore, but it would be nice to have One Card stations next to the Structures rather than make the student pay almost $5.00 as a visitor. ALSO, who is regulating those parking lots near Cass across from Old Main? I was asked how long I was going to be there and the man told me I couldn't park there because it was too long. Everyone's trying to make a buck. I understand, but this is unacceptable. Have some class and get your acts together.

Anonymous | Posted: August 1, 2011 | Reply

shut up and bike.

Christina H. | Posted: February 11, 2012 | Reply

Better campus food. I realized that the food in the Towers repeats the same scheduling of food. By looking at the menu options they sound delicious but eating it is a whole different story. The food is prepared horribly. I went to eat at the Towers only 3 times for I do not have a meal plan but for those spending over one grand on the food I feel very sorry. The food is not worth that high price.

Anonymous | Posted: February 26, 2013 | Reply

3 issues 1- parking: my last class ends at 9pm in state hall and i have to walk all the way to structure 1 (law school) to get to my car. at 9pm the campus is almost empty and its scary walk in the afternoon, let alone at night. Something has to change. 2- Lighting. We need more lights at night. As soon as the sun sets, the campus becomes a nightmare. Its not like there are lights that come on but turn off later- there are no lights whatsoever. Near gullen mall, state hall from the back, the gym, purdy, education building, none of them are lit up. Its scary I honestly feel like I'm taking a risk every time I need to walk to my car. 3- Library computers do not have visual studio (computer program) but I need it for all of my programming classes. I own a mac and visual basic is only compatible with windows computers. I am usually forced to go to UofM dearborn to complete some of my programs because fortunately enough, they have visual studio on their public computers. It is a program for Engineers and Comp Sci majors so just having it in the science and engineering library would be a huge improvement. It will help a lot. They have it in the computer labs but they are never open.

Jade L. | Posted: March 23, 2013 | Reply

Better Parking, Better programs for DPS students from High school to college to succeed, more AFFORDABLE housing near campus, all year round farmers market for FRESH FOODS!, better on campus food, more businesses that SUPPORT students closer to campus(dollar store..etc), stop building stupid buildings that students don't need!

Anonymous | Posted: March 24, 2013 | Reply

It's ridiculous that tuition is going up AGAIN. But, if something has to be absolutely done, then I would say the ridiculous parking prices. You only have one of two options: pay over $200 for a semester pass or pay $3.25 every time that you are there. I understand the school needs to make money, but those prices are ridiculous. I think they're forgetting that we are college students. I shouldn't have to pay $3.25 every time I want to park at school. Look at UofM-D, I know it's a much smaller campus than Wayne, but still, $3.25 is too much. And who knows? They'll probably hike it up again next year. We need a way to get the price down.

MaNazah C. | Posted: March 26, 2013 | Reply

The cost of tuition is already high enough. If it continues to go up, then there's going to be an increase of students dropping out completely or just transferring to another university or even a community college. If we didn't all want to be here to further our education, then we wouldn't be. Instead of increasing tuition, the government or financial aid (or whomever) should try to work with us to figure out how we can pay the high costs that are already being thrown at us as well as future costs. Raising the tuition is not going to help anyone; it's just going to make more problems and make more people stressed out.

MaNazah C. | Posted: March 26, 2013 | Reply

First and foremost, I feel as though there shouldn't be a beginning and end time regarding signing in guests for the residents. Reason being most of us are young, mature adults and we may not come in before 1:00am and/or 2:00am. And when we do come in after those times, most likely we have guests with us whom we desire to sign in. We're paying all of this tuition and I feel that we should at least be able to sign our guests in any time we please. ALL OTHER RULES REGARDING GUESTS STILL APPLIES.

MaNazah C. | Posted: March 26, 2013 | Reply

I also feel as though there should be a change slot in the OneCard machines. Most things that we have to pay for on campus requires change (Printing, Laundry, Parking, etc) and being a college student, one doesn't always have dollar bills to put on their OneCard. If the OneCard machine had a slot for coins, then this wouldn't be a problem. There also needs to be more OneCard machines on campus, inside and outside. One doesn't always have the time to run to the nearest building with a OneCard machine in it to put money on their card. It's just ridiculous!

MaNazah C. | Posted: March 26, 2013 | Reply

I believe laundry should go back down to costing $1.00 per load (if we are going to continue to be charged) and I feel that printing should be completely free. Tuition is high enough, and financial aid doesn't make dealing with the cost of attendance any easier. If we didn't have to worry about having money to pay for so many things, then I believe that most of our stress will diminish a little and we'll do much better in our classes. Give us a break. Please!

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