Project groups

Project groups are teams we have created within Student Senate to work collaboratively on some of our major goals and initiatives. Anyone can be a part of our project groups, including you! If you are interested, please email us at or message us on our social media platforms. Below is a list of our current project groups and their chairs. Get involved in our initiatives!   

Black Student Success

Chair: Jasmine Coles

  • Connecting student organizations and offices around campus to provide targeted support
  • Establishing an alumni mentorship program
  • Increasing the availability and awareness of student support services on campus
  • Taking steps to address equity issues on campus

Community Affairs

Chair: Ameera Hashwi

  • Building community partnerships throughout the City of Detroit to support student initiatives 
  • Supporting initiatives that better connect students to public transportation options around the City
  • Working on advancing place-making initiatives on campus
  • Ensuring that students maintain a strong connection to the community surrounding Wayne State


Chair: Madison Wiljanen 

  • Improving overall cleanliness around campus in classrooms and bathrooms
  • Pushing for needed repairs and renovations in critical campus facilities  
  • Working on making all facilities ADA accessible
  • Fixing/replacing equipment in campus facilities  

Financial Needs

Chair: Hussein Bazzi

  • Developing programs and initiatives designed to reduce students' financial burden
  • Combatting financial barriers to student success at Wayne State 
  • Seeking out external sources of funding to support student initiatives
  • Improving the process of obtaining financial aid
  • Utilizing our budget to provide students with tangible benefits

Government Affairs

Chair: Sailor Mayes

  • Working on advancing student initiatives at the local, state, and national level
  • Lobbying our representatives for student-centered policy change
  • Increasing access to the polls for students by ensuring the successful operation of the new on-campus polling location
  • Coordination of voter registration, education, and turnout support initiatives
  • Collaborating with student governments at peer institutions to tackle student issues at the state and national level

Graduate Student Issues

Chair: Bijal Patel

  • Expanding the availability of affordable on-campus housing targeted at graduate students
  • Working toward the introduction of financial discounts and scholarships for graduate students
  • Providing additional support to our population of international graduate students
  • Ensuring greater representation of graduate students on Student Senate

Student Services

Chair: Kamali Clora

  • Expanding the amount of courses with Peer Mentors/Supplemental Instruction
  • Increasing the number of Learning Communities 
  • Working toward making syllabi available before registration for classes 
  • Tackling issues with advising 
  • Supporting the adoption of Open Education Resources in courses
  • Expanding the availability of mental health support services on campus
  • Supporting the W Food Pantry and other initiatives designed to assist food-insecure students
  • Working toward providing free menstrual hygiene products in bathrooms on campus
  • Protecting and expanding the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)


Chair: Madison Wiljanen

  • Increasing the number and coverage of recycling bins around campus
  • Expanding the number of hydration stations around campus
  • Reducing the amount of food waste on campus
  • Supporting campus greening initiatives
  • Eliminating the use of unsustainable products on campus