The Student Senate is the primary representative institution of the student body and exercises its authority in the name of students and for the students. We have been an active organization since 1918, with the 2018-19 elections marking our 100th year of existence at WSU.  

Some of our past achievements include the following:

  • The permanent inclusion of a 30% Summer tuition discount into the University budget
  • The expansion of the hours of the Undergraduate Library
  • The registration of thousands of students as first-time voters
  • The establishment of an on-campus polling location for students who live on and around campus to vote at, and the establishment of election day as an academic holiday
  • The creation of the Preferred Name Tool
  • The creation of the Campus Safety Advisory Council
  • The establishment of the Freshman Free Parking Pilot Program
  • The creation of the new Course Scheduling Matrix
  • The creation of the free iClicker rental program
  • The implementation of tuition freezes in the College of Nursing and the School of Medicine
  • The creation of the Office of Multicultural Student Engagement
  • The establishment of the Smoke-Free Campus Initiative
  • The public release of faculty SET scores

With your help, we can accomplish even more!

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