Project Groups

Project groups are teams we have created within Student Senate to work collaboratively on our major goals and initiatives. All Senate members are required to serve on a minimum of one Project Group.

Anyone can be a part of our project groups... including you!  Email us at to get involved with our initiatives!

  • Community Affairs

    Chair: Hassan Ezzeddine

    Active Members: Danishi Bedi. Hassan Ezzeddine. 

    Community Affairs is a liaison between Student Government and the Detroit community. Their work involves anything outside the boundaries of the university. Examples include working with neighborhood associations, community organizations, transportation, and off-campus safety issues.

    Current Initiatives:

    • Free Single Use Parking Pass Cards
      • Our aim is to provide more students with the opportunity to use the parking facilities through a parking pass initiative, which could offer students single-use swipe passes to be used when parking in the structures or lots around campus, free of charge.
    • Health/Contraception in Vending Machines
      • By providing health and contraception products in vending machines around campus, more students would be able to practice healthy and safe measures, while being able to purchase products in a discrete way. This will help decrease any stigma students may face, as well.

    Meets Monday at 7:30 pm

  • Government Affairs

    Chair: Fatima Yahya

    Active Members: Fatima Yahya. Jack Pulte. Cordelia Krajewski. 

    The Government Affairs Project Group works on advancing student initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. This is accomplished through lobbying elected and university officials in advocating for legislation and public policy that best serves the Wayne State University Student Body. Additionally, it deals with other government-oriented and political projects, such as voter registration and engagement, elected official speaker series, and awareness of current legislative affairs pertaining to higher education and how it impacts college students. We invite everyone to join the Government Affairs Project Group so that we can benefit from a wide range of perspectives and ideas to effectively advocate for policies that best serve our fellow students.

    Current Initiatives: 

    • Voter Registration on Campus
      • Setting up voter registration tables at student orientations as well as other functions on campus throughout the semester getting students and other bypassers to register to vote.
      • Working hand in hand with Campus Vote Project and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's Collegiate Advisory Task Force to increase student participation in Michigan elections.
    • Diplomacy-Oriented Programming
      • Increasing international relations/affairs programming by hosting distinguished diplomats, foreign policy experts, and government officials to engage in dialogue with the university’s scholars on pertinent matters relative to global affairs and public policy.
    • Government Officials on Campus
      • Hosting elected officials from all levels of government to speak to Wayne State students on the pressing public policy issues legislators are dealing with.

    Meets Wednesday at 5:30 pm 

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

    Chair: Ridaa Khan

    Active Members: Zaynah Jadallah. Ridaa Khan. 

    The JEDI project aims to address justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion issues affecting the campus.  

    Current Initiatives:  

    • Black Student Success (BSS) 
      • Improving the experience of black students across campus through administrative programming. ​​​​​
      • Focus on supporting black students through volunteerism, mentorship, and research.
    • Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian (MENASA) 
      • Focuses on initiatives that encourage MENASA student success and comfortability. 
      • Current initiatives: 
        • Creating a MENA/SA race category.
        • Provide more halal dining options on campus. 
        • Advocating for MENASA struggles and discrimination on campus.
    • LGBTQ+ University Council 
      • Focuses on increasing communication between queer students and student organizations.
      • Current initiatives: 
        • Initiating a queer prom.
        • Advertising and spreading information about on-campus resources.
        • Implementing the option to put pronouns on OneCards. 
    • Initiatives of the Year
      • Creating a web magazine for students to voice their views, options, artwork, and stories for all of Wayne State.
      • Having a peer-to-peer program for mentorship for students of color struggling with the challenges of university academic and university life.

    Meets Mondays at 5:00 pm 

  • Mental Health

    Chair: Sheva Khaimov

    Active Members: Hayden Johnson. Cordelia Krajewski. Vivian Pendergast-Morales. Jack Pulte. Huda Syed. Hassan Ezzeddine. Rayna Gammo. Mya Manning. 

    The Mental Health Project Group (MHPG) works to promote, support, and implement initiatives that aim to benefit the general mental health and well-being of the WSU community. Our work includes collaborations between departments such as the Campus Health Center (CHC) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The priority of the MHPG is to destigmatize mental health issues and disorders, and together, cultivate a compassionate campus culture that nurtures resilience, personal growth, and overall mental wellness. 

    Current Initiatives: 

    • Student Mental Health Coalition  

      • Chaired & Established by: Hayden Johnson
      • This group of student organizations relates to any aspect of mental health. The mental health coalition is being headed by Student Senators, chaired by Senator Hayden Johnson. The goals of this group are to better evaluate the needs of our students through various perspectives that members of these student organizations can provide, and better inform our administration on what the true needs of this campus are. This group, while being so new in its charge, has an ambitious goal of helping to better assist the needs of our students here at Wayne State University.
    • Vaping Education and Student Health Initiative (VESHI)

      • Chaired & Established by: Sheva Khaimov
      • Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their physical, emotional, and mental health by raising awareness through education, providing resources and support to those seeking to quit through collaborations with departments on campus, such as the Campus Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and other WSU and non-WSU affiliated organizations who have conducted research or have insight on nicotine use, specifically, e-cigarettes.
    • Office of Sexual Violence, Prevention and Education (OSVPE)

      • Chaired by: MHPG. Established by: Sheva Khaimov and Mya Manning
      • At this time, the MHPG only has a partnership with the OSVPE, which is under direct supervision of Dean Laurie Clabo, the Chief Health and Wellness Officer. The OSVPE will become active when the director, Larmender Davis, begins seeking student involvement.

    Meets Monday at 9:00 am.

  • Public Health  

    Chair: Vansh Bhardwaj

    Active Members: Hayden Johnson. Huda Syed. Hassan Ezzeddine. Ridaa Khan. Vansh Bhardwaj. Batsheva Khaimov. Panupong Chaowanasawat. Jenna Steele. Sage Ryland. Anna Gill.    

    The Public Health Project Group is responsible for producing and implementing initiatives to improve public health on campus. The group works to improve current initiatives and efforts on campus revolving around student health, sustainability, public safety, and more. 

    Current Initiatives: 

    • Safe Sex Vending Machines
      • Implementing vending machines in residence halls or around campus that promote and encourage the use of contraception. Partnered with the Community Affairs Project Group.
    • Free Menstrual Products
      • Continuing the Free Menstrual Product Pilot Program that is currently offered in select campus bathrooms. 
    • Vaping Education and Student Health Initiative (VESHI)
      • Educating students and providing them with the resources necessary to limit nicotine use. Partnered with the Mental Health Project Group.
    • Sharps Disposal Bins
      • Adding sharps disposal bins to select restrooms across campus.
    • Biodiversity Gardens 
      • Reintroducing biodiversity gardens to campus.
    • Campus Composting Education 
      • Working to create a map and furthering the information given to students about composting on campus.

    Winter 2023 Meetings: 03/09, 03/21, 04/04 at 5 pm via Zoom

  • Student Services  

    Chair: Mohamed Dabaja

    Active Members: Mannat Bedi. Amal Elsaleh. Joël Hammoud. Veronica Fahmi. Kelly Whitlock. Hasan Alatabi. Mohamed Dabaja.

    The Student Service Project Group studies, reviews, and makes recommendations concerning resources for students within the university, while supporting their unique needs by creating initiatives that promote their overall success and wellness during their time at the university and beyond.  

    Current Initiatives: 

    • Working to create more reflection rooms across campus.
    • Increasing access to resources through technology-based initiatives.
    • Working to improve International Student Success on Campus.
    • Fall Break Initiative.
      • Working to implement a Fall Break in October to alleviate stress for students, faculty, and staff.

    Meets Monday at 6:30 pm