Meet the Senators


Riya Chhabra

Riya Chhabra is a Junior pursuing a Bachelor's in Public Health with a co-major in Honors. She presently serves as the Director of Student Services for the 2019-20 Senate term. Her interests include general education reform and increasing mental health resources around campus. She worked on these initiatives when she served on Student Senate last year by providing feedback for the new syllabi, as well as promoting mental health awareness week. Outside of Senate, Riya is a part of Delta Epsilon Mu, a professional pre-health fraternity.

Marcella Eid

Vice President 

Marcella Eid is currently a Senior pursuing a major in Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State University. This is her third year on Senate and presently serves as a Senator at Large on the Executive Board as the Vice President. In Senate, Marcella is a part of the Registrar's Task Force where she has been involved in helping to make class registration easier for students. Marcella also pushed for the implementation of early access syllabi functions and passed a resolution supporting the same. She has been involved in improving student facilities and improving recycling on campus, as she passed a Senate resolution supporting the increased efficiency of recycling on campus and pursued these efforts through the Senate's Sustainability Project Group. Furthermore, Marcella has supported and contributed to several different Senate efforts such as the free Student Printing Stipend Pilot Program, OER, and tuition cuts. Marcella also revitalized the Senate's presence online and offline during the 2019-20 term as the Director of Public Relations by interacting with students on all major social media platforms. She has also led efforts in the Senate's new Events Committee to create town halls where students can directly voice their opinions to invited speakers. When Marcella is not on campus, she works at a nationally recognized law firm as a law clerk. She plans on attending law school to become an attorney in the near future to contribute to the city of Detroit.


Basel BerryBasel Berry

Basel Berry is a Junior in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wayne State University, majoring in Biological Chemistry. Basel is a pre-medical student who is passionate about pursuing a career in medicine. His dream is to become a neurosurgeon. Why a neurosurgeon? "Because a neurosurgeon brought my dad back to life after he got into a catastrophic car accident". Basel's main goal and focus is to get into Wayne State University's School of Medicine. Furthermore, he volunteered at a doctor's office for a total of four hundred hours during the summer of 2018. He has also been a volunteer tutor off campus, tutoring mathematics and different sciences for three years. In addition to that, he volunteered as an Orientation and STEM Day Leader. Basel is dedicated to give back to the community in any means possible.

Jasmine ColesJasmine Coles

School of Medicine Representative
Jasmine Coles is a first year medical student who graduated from Wayne State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with Honors and minors in Health Psychology and Public Health. She has devoted her last four years on Student Senate to diversity and inclusion and student life. This term, Jasmine will be serving as your Treasurer and School of Medicine Representative. She hopes to work on her past initiative of improving black student success as well as working on some new initiatives involving student life. Some initiatives that she has seen come to pass during her Senate terms includes a Conversation Cafe for Black students, resolutions for student success, increasing the number of CAPS counselors, and working to keep tuition constant. Jasmine has been a part of many academic senate committees and worked with many student groups to see change in the University. She is excited to continue the push for change this year and is always open to suggestions from students.

Madison Wiljanen

College of Nursing Representative

Madison Wiljanen is a Senior in Wayne State University's College of Nursing pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing along with a minor in Public Health. In the previous three years, she has worked for the Office of Housing & Residential Life as a Resident Advisor and served as the Captain of the Women's Club Soccer Team. Through her RA role, she has executed successful programs surrounding Feminism, Intersectionality, and Academic Success. Madison has a passion for community health and environmental policy reform. She enjoys living in Detroit and wants to help others utilize the unique opportunities Wayne State has to offer. Madison is currently the student representative on the University's Public Health Restart committee and chair of the Senate Public Health Project Group. 



Sailor Mayes

Director of Government Affairs
Housing and Residential Life Representative
Sailor Mayes is a second year student at Wayne State University, studying Political Science and Communications. Sailor has been involved in numerous political campaigns, has Interned for Senator Peters and Representative Slotkin, was elected as the Vice President of the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council (RHGYC) Interned for the DCCC, and is the former President and founder of Students Demand Action here at Wayne State University. She has travelled to the Dominican Republic to help out struggling families get the resources they need, built houses in Detroit and Pontiac, and Volunteered for numerous cleanup effort groups around the Detroit area. She has also travelled to Israel and Palestine to understand the in depth issues plaguing the two states. Sailor plans on working for the Government and successfully building a better future for the generations yet to come.

Ameera HashwiAmeera Hashwi

Director of Community Affairs
Ameera is Senior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in economics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  She currently serves as the Director of Community Affairs  for the 2020-2021 term. She served as a Senator at Large during the 2019-2020 term and worked towards improving campus resources for students. She currently serves as the Vice President for History Club, the Public Relations chair for the Lebanese Student Association, and is a second year Detroit Center for Civil Discourse student fellow. She plans on attending law school and becoming an attorney.

Kamali Clora

Director of Student Services
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Representative
Kamali Clora is a fourth-year Public Health major with a music minor in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. Outside of his coursework, he works as a resident advisor in Atchison Hall and an undergraduate research assistant in the Biological Sciences Building. He is currently developing a non-profit organization to prevent the diminishing bee populations within the city, while helping to increase food security. By being involved in previous student organizations, Kamali has gained connections and insight on optimizing student success at Wayne State. He joined Student Senate because he wants to leave this university better than he found it, while empowering students to create change at WSU and the larger Detroit community. As a sustainability and student wellness advocate, Kamali has sponsored resolutions supporting the creation of the campus-wide black council (CBC) and the funding of retention and graduation promoting activities for African American students. In addition, he sponsored the creation of a campus-wide provisional land acknowledgement, and to respect the legacy of native peoples. Currently, he focuses on increasing student voter registration access.

Joseph Naman

Director of Public Relations
Mike Ilitch School of Business Representative

Hey there, I'm Joseph Naman. This is my second year being the Student Senate representative for the Mike Ilitch School of Business, and potentially my last year at Wayne State (assuming graduation isn't delayed.) Last year, I served as the Secretary for Senate, but wanted a change of pace and went for Director of Public Relations this year. Aside from being a member on this Senate, I am also on the Executive Board of the Business Student Senate, where we spent the last year attempting to improve upon many students complaints of the new Business School building, until a pandemic pushed back our plans. Being a finance major, I've spent the past four years learning about investing, stocks and bonds, and making a ton of Excel documents. When I graduate, my plan is to work on television production, as I think of television being one of the most important things in life. For now, I'm working as a part-time tutor, and front desk assistant at The Student Connection in Bloomfield Hills. 


Sarah Watts

College of Education Representative

Sarah Ducharme-Watts, a Senior at Wayne State University studying Learning Design & Technology, is honored to work as Student Senator for the College of Education. She is passionate about studying human behaviors, motivations, and the best methods for helping individuals and communities manifest growth; Within personal lives, work environments, schooling, etc. Sarah has passionately dedicated time to working for a Metro-Detroit area Nonprofit organization, servicing those with varying disabilities. Additionally, she has found enjoyment participating in a Human Service Coordinating Body, helping organize and brainstorm ways to connect locals with beneficial services. In the future her interests focus on keeping an open mind, relentlessly seeking knowledge, and using what she learns to positively influence those around her


Rajan Varmon

School of Social Work Representative

Rajan Varmon is a Senior majoring in Social Work. He originally became involved in the field of social work through his interest in mental health, but he eventually became involved in politics through his advocacy efforts of House Bill 4325: a bill that would help secure LPC's rights to effectively perform their duties in the state of Michigan. After receiving a State Tribute from State Rep. Aaron Miller and the late State Rep. Isaac Robinson for the bill's passing, it became clear he wanted to pursue the field of political social work. Rajan currently continues his advocacy efforts for mental health through his role as the Co-President of the Wayne State University Suicide Prevention Initiative. Through the initiative, he helped prep and organize Mental Health First Aid Trainings, run events advocating for mental health resources across Wayne State's campus, and helped open up discussions about mental health in college life. He is honored to be able to serve as the Student Representative for the School of Social Work and is dedicated to bringing about positive changes for the Wayne State community.


Bijal Patel 

Graduate School Representative Representative 
Bijal Patel is the Graduate School representative on Student Senate. She is a PhD candidate currently pursuing research in tissue engineering. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree from Wayne State in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics, where she is also a teaching assistant. During her time at Wayne State, she was empowered by the great changes brought on by Student Senate and joined Senate in the same pursuit and to be the voice for graduate students. In her spare time she likes to explore Detroit for coffee shops and go fowling!

Basem Younis 

School of Law Representative Representative

Basem Younis is a current second-year Wayne State University Law student seeking to specialize in corporate and property law. He is currently enrolled in the University's Joint JD/MBA program with an expectation to graduate in May 2022. Mr. Younis received his bachelor's degree, majoring in Accounting and Finance, from the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University in May 2019. Throughout his undergraduate career, he has served as an executive board member for many organizations across campus and was a recipient of the 2019 25 Under 25 Mike Ilitch School of Business Award. Mr. Younis is now actively serving as the President of the Muslim Law Student Association, Treasurer of the Entrepreneurship and Business Law Society, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Business Law. Mr. Younis is committed to increasing the presence of social enterprise and intends to contribute to the entrepreneurial momentum in Detroit by helping entrepreneurs and small-business owners navigate the complexities of the legal system and corporate world.


Ryane Brown

Irvin D. Reid Honors College Representative

Ryane Brown is a Political Science major, an English minor and a member of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. She is passionate about amplifying the voices of students and ensuring that each student enjoys their Warrior experience. Presently, Ryane works for the City of Detroit City Councilman Scott Benson, who represents District 3. She serves as an aid to the policy staff, assisting them in policy analysis and community engagement. After graduating with her B.A. in Political Science, Ryane plans to go to law school and subsequently become a criminal defense attorney. Some of her favorite activities are watching movies, going to church and hanging out with friends. She is determined, kind-spirited and loves all things Wayne State. 


Katherine Emrich

School of Information Sciences Representative

Katherine (Kat) is currently 2 semesters away from completing her Master's in Library Sciences with a concentration in Archival practices. This is her second term on senate as the representative for the School of Information Sciences. Her dream is to be Head of Special Collections and work with the community to spread awareness about the important history the artifacts hold. Outside of senate, she is part a committee for the improvement of the libraries on campus. She also volunteers making masks and reading with kids in her community. Katherine is always available to SIS students or anyone who would like to speak with her about anything!


Marcus Meade

College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Representative

Marcus Meade is a pursuing his Masters of Communications with the focus on Public Relations. He has previously worked with organizations to focus on the quality of life for the geriatric population. He currently works with individuals who have sustained Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries to maximize their quality of life. Though this is directly connected to the study of communications, Marcus has taken an interest in the field after observing the lack of mental health awareness in society. He will focus on creating a campaign to bring awareness to psychological distress in communities of color. Outside of his academic endeavors, Marcus enjoys engaging in playing the cello or guitar, multiple sports, and writing.


Affan Atif

College of Engineering Representative







Obioma Opara

Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Obioma Opara is a P1 pharmacy student in the Eugene Applebaum college of pharmacy and health sciences. He is in his first of many years in the senate. He joined the Student Senate because he wants to give back to Wayne state as it has presented him the opportunity to pursue his profession, pharmacy. He is a servant leader who is passionate about service to humanity, community health, and the mental wellness of students and people in general. He is a member of the public health initiative and suicide prevention initiative. He is currently serving in the US army. He interns at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor. One of his favorite quotes is, "Everything happens for a reason." Outside of school, he loves to read, play soccer, and board games, especially scrabble. He loves to travel and hopes to visit at least a country in all the continents of the world.


Benjamin Blumenstein

Extension Center Representative

Benjamin Blumenstein is known through most circles as a Specialized Generalist. He's worked in fields ranging from Education and Politics to Engineering, Art, and Intelligence, and is currently studying Learning Design and Technology and Emergency Management. When he's not studying, he teaches an astounding class of sixth graders. Benjamin also enjoys donating his time. With his siblings he founded and runs KidsRead2Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to helping kids with learning disabilities find a love of reading, through which he spoke at the 2019 International Dyslexia Conference. Whether he has room or not, he never turns down something new.


Hussein BazziHussein Bazzi 

Senator at Large
Hussein Bazzi is currently a Junior at Wayne State University, obtaining a dual degree in Public Health and University Honors, as well as a minor in Global Health and Social Medicine. Hussein previously served on Student Senate, as this will be his second year serving on Student Senate. Hussein is very excited to work with his fellow senators to represent and be the voice for many students here at Wayne State University. Hussein believes that different customs, beliefs, and culture all play a factor in molding Wayne State University's campus. Hussein believes that through his different experiences, beliefs, and upbringing, he will be able to contribute to the energy of the campus and help better it.  Hussein's primary goals are to lessen the financial burden student's face at Wayne State University, work first hand with Wayne State's Commuter population to come up with first hand solutions to their concerns, bring about more awareness of mental health on campus, and work to ensure minority student's have the tools to succeed. With the desire to represent and advocate for others, Hussein plans to attend medical school. Besides student senate, Hussein is involved in other organizations; Irvin D. Reid Honors College, Community of Scholars, Lebanese Student Association, Global Brigades, helping with political campaigns, and volunteering as a research assistant at Wayne State University's Emergency Medicine department. Hussein is excited to see what this next year will bring.

Danishi Bedi

Senator at Large
Danishi is a Public Health Major and Spanish Minor, pursuing a career in medicine. Her passions include language-learning, traveling, and learning about culture and society. She has studied both Spanish and French, and she hopes to add a few more languages to the list! Her main goal in the future is to travel across the world, using the languages she knows as a bridge to various communities and people. She wants to impact many people across the globe with the skills she will learn from her education in Public Health and Medicine. Outside of academics, she enjoys practicing calligraphy, photography and videography, and baking. Dancing is something that she has been doing for years, and she is currently on a Bollywood Fusion competitive dance team at Wayne State. She adores working with kids, and she has explored this passion through volunteer work at the Children's Hospital of Michigan DMC. She is also a member of the Professional Pre-Health Fraternity Delta Epsilon Mu. She is currently working as a research assistant at the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Division at the Wayne State School of Medicine. 

Mannat Bedi

Senator at Large
Mannat Bedi is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a career in medicine while studying Economics and Spanish. In the future, she hopes to be able to combine her fields of interest and study healthcare economics. Additionally, she enjoys language and hopes to delve deeper into her minor of Spanish. Learning about culture is extremely important to her, as she plans to travel the world one day as a doctor. If she is not studying, working at a standardized test prep center, volunteering at the Children's Hospital, or doing research work with the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Division at the Wayne State School of Medicine, you can find her dancing, painting, and drinking an excessive amount of coffee. Additionally, she is a part of Delta Epsilon Mu, a pre-health professional fraternity and WSW Jhatka, a competitive Indian dance team. Being a part of both of these student organizations has allowed her to grow in her passions and meet people that are interested in similar careers and extracurriculars. 

Ali Fakih

Senator at Large

Ali Fakih is a fourth year studying Public Health and Sociology. This will be his third year serving on student senate and he absolutely loves it. He initially ran for Senate because he believes that everyone's voice deserves to be heard, especially those who are often underrepresented. After having served as a Senator for the past two years, he found a deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes to come together as one to better the campus as a whole. It's one thing to realize there is a problem and another to find the courage to ignite change, he said. Student Senate gives him the platform to bring about change/solutions to some of these problems. It also allows him to get involved in creating a more diverse, inclusive, and safe community. On his free time, he enjoys running, photography, watching Ted Talks, & rock climbing.  


Lela Jimenez

Senator at Large

Afifi KadaduAfifi Kadadu

Senator at Large
Afifi Kadadu is a first-year nursing student, majoring in Nursing and Public Health. A little bit about her is that she loves to read, listen to music, and do lots of outdoor activities. Every year she has grown more with being involved on campus. Her freshman year she went to Residential Housing Association meetings, her sophomore year she was President of Towers Hall Council and her junior year she became a Resident Advisor. Throughout her academic career, she has considered herself an involved student, seeking opportunities to give back to her own community and communities around her. Much of the communities she has had the fortune of participating with, face unfair disadvantages such as depleted economic sources, uneven access to literacy tools, and other structural shortcoming. Not only does focus her work locally in Detroit but also devotes her time and efforts to the concerns in her hometown, Flint.

Amina Khalique

Senator at Large
Amina is a life-long Detroit resident and a junior at Wayne State. She is also a political science and communications student with a concentration in public policy. She is currently the Director of Advocacy and Policy for PERIOD. @ WSU, where she is working to provide free menstrual products in campus restrooms, an initiative that is aimed towards a larger goal of ending period poverty. Amina is passionate about amplifying the voices and needs of Wayne State students and creating more opportunities and services that will support them. Outside of Wayne State, Amina is a Policy and Research Associate with We the People MI, where she researches policy issues in Michigan communities. She also loves activism, community organizing, photography, and rejuvenating near bodies of water!

Joseph A. Lemelin

Senator at Large
Joseph Lemelin is an Senior in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Classics with Honors, and additionally pursuing minors in Modern Greek and Archaeology. Joseph seeks to be an archaeologist and plans to continue his education by gaining a graduate degree in Macedonian History and Archaeology at The International Hellenic Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece after finishing his time at Wayne. Not only passionate about the past, Joseph is also extremely focused on the issues that effect all of us today and has done much to improve what he sees can be improved. As he goes into his last year at Wayne State University, he wants to help the school and try to leave what mark he can upon it.

Hafsa Qureshi

Senator at Large
Hafsa Qureshi is a sophomore at the Mike Illitch Business school. She is persuing a double major in Global Supply Chain and Marketing Management. In addition to being a student senate representative, she currently serves as the Marketing Chair for GSCMA. Her interests include baking (especially anything with chocolate) and traveling. Hafsa joined Student Senate to help voice the needs and wants of Wayne State Students. 


Regan Thorp

Senator at Large


Regan Thorp is a Junior at earning her Bachelor's in Criminal Justice with a co-major in Honors. She is also pursuing a minor in both Spanish and Law. This is her first year as a member of the student Senate but plans to focus on Housing and Sustainability on campus this coming year. Regan is a second year RA in Atchison Hall and is passionate about helping residents have a safe and welcoming community to reside in. Outside of her life on campus, Regan's biggest passion is helping recovering drug addicts. She has spent her time volunteering at Maplegrove Rehab Center and Calumet Center talking to young people about recovery. One of Regan's goals this year is to establish a fully functioning Collegiate Recovery Program for her and other recovering addicts to have a safe space on campus. Regan plans to go to law school after finishing her undergraduate degree and become a public defender in the city of Detroit.


Faculty Advisor

Dean StraussDavid Strauss, Ph.D.

Dean of Students

David has served as Wayne State's Dean of Students since January, 2002. In this capacity, he leads the university's student affairs activities, including the responsibility for student and campus activities, student organization resources, fraternity and sorority life, student community involvement, Warrior Pride affinity programs, student senate and student conduct and care services. David chairs the Student Update and Information Team (SUIT), serves as the university's Title IX Deputy Coordinator, represents student life on the university crisis team, and serves as the Office of the Provost's representative to the Academic Senate's Student Affairs committee. Since 2011, David has been an adjunct lecturer in the WSU Department of Economics where he teaches a section of Principles of Economics each fall and winter semester. Prior to joining Wayne State, David served as the Associate Director of the University Honors and Scholars Center at The Ohio State University and the Assistant Dean of Students for Greek Life and Student Activities at Centre College. David received his Ph.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from The Ohio State University, his Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel Administration from Indiana University, and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Bucknell University. David is a member of NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education where he serves on the region 4 east board and is on the boards of the Farmington YMCA and the Lester & Jewell Morris Hillel Jewish Student Center at Michigan State University. David enjoys swimming, handy work projects around the house, gardening, and spending time with his wife Amy and children Nate and Caroline